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    ilmatar & kauko - musiktheater at the 1st Hedonist World Congress by concierge_weetr

  • further isflamma

    this was surely the most arctic week in my whole life.
    ok, i think next winters in germoney also will be that cold, but never that much snow i hope/guess.
    its always between -2 and -12 °Celsius up here plus between 3 and maybe 8 cm of snow nearly each day/night.
    but lets leave the wheather report aside, the more important is what we have been working on that week.
    for instance : both sculptures2
    both sculptures
    i worked with Eva ETcetera on this piece, mostly as an assistant for her but also with my own weak visual art ego.
    and check out this really ***zing chapel that roel faassen built with his assistants.
    of course only a preview.
    we have two "stars" also here with sue and sandis - they are ice sculpturists since long, they made the ice-restaurant
    and another big sculpture and also they offered the workshop.

    i have gathered like 1 GB of useful sounds, i wont mention the useless ones. i think i have to fill up my freesound account a little more when i have some time.
    tonight im gonna finish all the interviews to have material for the docu. may also edit down a feature for my friends DIY-Church Radio Program.
    once again internet makes the world much smaller.

    and for the berliners :
    my workshop concept is growing and becoming more adult right now.
    but still secret.
    coffee! coffee!
    a little piece for all addicted.
    something totally different today - going back to my teenage roots.

    concierge_weetr - Die voegel by concierge_weetr
    for the finale : actually the sun was shining a little bit today.
    wish us luck for the weather tomorow.

  • children of love teaser

    3 weeks ago i was in another city for a week of composing, recording and fighting with my dear friends mbbmbbmm and claudia nobili.
    let me tease you with this song, that happended around 6 in the morning.
    i play roland jupiter4 and guitar, mbbmbbmm is on the drumset. no overdubs.

    Children of love - seeking for a shelter by concierge_weetr
    were are working on a full album since 1998. so watch out.

  • isflamma day one

    start of the blog.
    first of all :
    im really amazed by this festival. its a festival for ice and fire art taking place in hällefors, sweden, curated by roel faassen and lisbeth vloet.
    i am the only participant who wont do sculptures, i am here to

    1. take care of the presentation night sound needs
    1.2 to play a set out of the impressions i gather here at the presentation night
    2. to make a audio documentation about the festival and the artists
    3. to go away from the urban shit at least for some days

    I brought with me a cheap zoom h2 fieldrecorder, a contactmic, a modified yamaha vss-30 and a think pad as the DAW plus headphones. also a toothbrush and stuff.
    some impressions from the first morning :
    tower of growing
    "you know what happened to the people of babel?"
    recording ice
    "they couldnt communicate any more"
    so they used ice and fieldrecorders.

    I've already learned :
    * never work hard with 6 layers of clothes in -10° cold. sweat is death.
    * ice is quite dense, maybe compare it to wood. it damps the waves fast.
    * always tag your recordings
    * how to say "i dont speak swedish" in swedish, but i forgot it again
    * stephen king wrote a couple of good short stories is 1986, no joke!
    * "Only country where the clouds are interesting" (hugh cornell) is a lie! since geoengineering is so fancy, german clouds are also nice as hell.


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